Recommended practices

To raise awareness on sustainability challenges in natural ingredients supply chains and to communicate about potential solutions, the NRSC developed the Recommended practices.
This document recalls legal requirements and provides non-binding recommendations deemed necessary to address the stakes identified in supply chains.

The NRSC promotes their implementation and assesses their field feasibility. It encourages all actors in a supply chain to adopt them, but does not have any involvement in monitoring their effective implementation.

This tool is divided in two sections: the Common Core and the Application Manual for each supply chain.

The Common Core is a set of basic recommendations and legal requirements in line with NRSC key challenges, applicable by any stakeholder involved in a natural ingredient supply chain regardless of its type or location.

The Application Manual is a document, specific to each supply chain, designed for brands, ingredients manufacturers and producers in importing countries whether they are NRSC members or not, and for the supply chain upstream stakeholders at production country. Its objectives are to:

• Raise awareness about the state of the supply chain and its level of sustainability;
• Suggest potential actions to be undertaken at all level of the supply chain to improve its sustainability;
• Set priorities in accordance with the most challenging concerns of the supply chain;
• Encourage all stakeholders to become active in improving their own supply chain.




is specific to each supply chain, to be as adapted as possible to local issues and stakeholders.
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