General methodology

To prioritize our collective initiatives, we have established an analysis process incorporating criteria that result in a rigorous evaluation of a given supply chain’s central and peripheral concerns, challenges, and key risks. It is only after this evaluation has been completed that a decision is made on committing to a concrete project, having determined the relevance of a collective initiative.

In concert with all those along the value chain, and most especially the producer communities, we propose establishing best practices that can support the long-lasting sustainability of activities, locally create added value, and improve people’s living conditions, while preserving biodiversity and ecosystems.

Each actor along the chain actively participates in the process, which involves three phases:


Note: The NRSC is not a buyers group.

We abide by anti-trust laws and make no decisions whatsoever about our members’ commercial activities or purchasing policies. Our meetings are held in accordance with the Chatham House Rules.