Our general assembly

Its members are corporate CEOs and company directors. They take part in establishing the NRSC’s goals and objectives, decide on which initiatives to pursue, approve the budgets, and encourage their employees’ involvement in NRSC working groups.

It also has associate members: producers, group representatives for natural raw material producers, exporters. They are active partners in developing our initiatives, sharing their know-how, experience, and savvy, helping the NRSC define and improve the practices that impact supply chains and the fair division of added value.

Executive committee (NRSC Board)

This body, formed of elected members, oversees and facilitates implementation of the Assembly’s decisions and recommendations.

Our operations team

The Operations Team is the synergistic hub of the NRSC. These staffers gather, produce, synthesize, and share information with the members, coordinate the projects, evaluate the supply chains, and monitor actions in the field. The team works closely with Board members and the members’ operational representatives.

The operationals

The operational representatives of the NRSC member companies work closely with the Operations Team. These professionals hold positions at their respective companies in departments responsible for such things as purchasing, supply of natural ingredients, research & development, marketing, corporate social responsibility, etc.  They consistently share their talent and substantial knowledge about supply chains with the entire NRSC community by virtue of their membership in the NRSC’s working groups.