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We are a community of committed actors in the fragrance and cosmetics industries. We are producers, finished-product brands, ingredient manufacturers, farmers, and exporters, and each of us, on our own scale, all along the value chain, is committed to sharing responsibility, savoir-faire, and knowledge to ensure our raw-material supply chains are – and remain – sustainable.
Confident in the power of collective action, we work to protect the biodiversity and ecosystems in the areas in which the materials we use are produced, striving to significantly improve the economic and social development of the surrounding communities, as well.
Our approach is unique, demonstrating our ability to transcend our individual or corporate objectives to focus on the welfare of the territory concerned.

When evaluating supply chains, we work as closely as possible with the local communities.

We identify the challenges to be faced, to co-build solutions that benefit everyone, coordinating with all the supply chain’s stakeholders and wholly respecting the environment and all living things.

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Co-building for greater effectiveness

Every action we take in the field is born of collaborative work upstream: We analyze the supply chain, inventory all those involved in the chain, identify challenges, develop an action plan, etc. Each project is designed specifically for a given supply chain and, more broadly, for its environment.

Co-building also means giving a voice to local farmers and producers.

Responding to today’s key challenges

We work together to resolve issues that a company cannot address on its own. By design, our initiatives reach well beyond a simple supply chain. Our actions exceed the principles of the international conventions we honor, helping to identify and test solutions that improve, even more significantly, the income and living conditions of those who are dependent on production of our raw materials, all while respecting local traditions and cultures.


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